UN CUT (installation/video essay)

The artist deals with ritualistic and performative self-portraiture in these photographic series. She closes herself in a room with selected objects, moves in space, and performs. Out of all the poses, she then chooses one, seemingly static pose. The artist then edits the photograph in Photoshop resulting in three versions of the same personality. In the form of a triptych, Klara Kusa places the textile photographs in the gallery window. The plot seemingly shifts from the artist herself in a pose of personal grief to her reaction to this photograph. Kusa reacts to herself with a kind of negation of her personality. In the end, the pain of the moment is brought to the surface.
Klara Kusa interprets Yoko Ono’s early happenings. Cut Piece was originally based on an experience
of the present, but for the artist, the photograph of Ono with her torn clothes is a kind of parallel to her own work, which she believes also mirrors her later move away from self-portrait photographs toward conceptual and post-conceptual art.

An audio essay is a part of a site-specific installation, Galeria Vyklad, Trnava, Slovakia. Excerpts from the book Podklady pro teorii divky from Tiqqun are read in the audio essay.

Galeria Vyklad (Front): Photographs printed on textile, fabric, needle and thread, rope
Galeria Vyklad (Inside, available from the back): Projection on a photograph, projector, sound on loop available via headphones
Exhibition view, Galeria Vyklad, Trnava, Slovakia, 2023

blindness means seeing (video essay)

When peripheral vision is lost, we are all lost. Aren't we? Or is it that in this moment we can finally see something I suffer from the loss of peripheral vision and yet, I am an artist and a photographer. When looking for the cause
of my vision problem, doctors told me I have a cyst of an unknown origin that is pressing on my pituitary gland.
Some doctors claimed it is Rathke's Cleft Cyst, some said it is benign tumor. It took me a long time to deal
with this. By dealing with this, I had to deal with death that is constantly present in my life.

lonely, astonished (music video)

A song includes samples of songs from many singers including Nina Simone, Demi Lovato,
and a replica from a movie called Mulholland Drive.